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Welcome to GIFT Gulf Island Food Transport


1)Book an order at Superstore at one of our designated pickup times.

2)Book for a delivery on our website on the same day

3)Pour wine.

We pickup at Superstore at the following times:


Mondays & Tuesdays at 10 am

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Fresh Produce

A Bit About Us

We offer grocery pickup at set times and locations throughout the week, and deliver them to Gabriola Island homes in a refrigerated van, enabling islanders to live their relaxed pace of life while saving time for their loved ones, money, and the environment.

If we operate at full capacity, we can reduce vehicle tailpipe emissions by an annual estimate of 47,899.8 kgs!

We also reduce strain on our overtaxed ferry system, and remove the need for you to wait for overloads to pass when the ferries are busy.

Even if there is no overload, we save you a minimum of 3 hours in travel and shopping time every week.

Given that it generally costs less than doing it yourself, wouldn't you rather be sitting at home with a glass of wine in front of the fireplace?

We all say that we will just roll a grocery shop in with other errands, but at the end of the day, once you have meat and dairy in the car, its usually a race to get them back in the fridge...

But no more! We deliver in a refrigerated van, so you don't need to worry or rush anymore- your food will be safe!

There are lots of discounts available, so please do ask; including for seniors, disability, families, and GIFT subscribers- you could have this service to your door for as little as $20 per delivery!

cooking couple

Aging in place is made easier and more enjoyable with our service.

Gulf Island living has it's challenges, but healthy eating should never be one.

Imagine a whole night every week made free to spend with your kids.

Or without them.

Family at a Beach

GIFT is a service that can benefit everyone from the busy professional to students who need time to study, to the mom who simply doesn't want to wrangle kids and argue about purchases, to people that simply value their time.

We all have things that we would rather be doing than grocery shopping.

Now you are free to do them!

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